Just One…: London Fashion Week S/S15

Just One…: London Fashion Week S/S15

I was plagued with indecision when it came time to pick ‘Just One…’ piece from the London Spring/Summer collections to welcome into my wardrobe. My gut was pulling me towards one piece – a dress from Julien MacDonald that caught my eye right away…a simple sheath dress, with great detailing at the neckline. Actually, the detailing and textile design of the whole collection got my attention.

But, in the end, my heart belonged to a Holly Fulton dress.

fulton LFW

True, a bit dark and heavy for spring or summer – but I can’t resist the embellishment and the crop-top effect. Ties together well for quite an elegant look, don’t you think?


Which collections in London made your heart go pitter-patter? Is there a piece you’d love to be welcoming into your virtual-wardrobe?

Photo: Style.com

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Just One…: New York Fashion Week S/S15

Just One…: New York Fashion Week S/S15

True story: Right before settling in to make my Just One… selection for the S/S15 New York shows, I was outside walking the dog in a thick sweatshirt and giant scarf. Freezing my buns off.


Fall has arrived.


So it felt a little strange to spend my afternoon sifting through photos featuring crisp whites, bright florals, and legs that aren’t covered in wool tights. “Think Spring” I repeated to myself over and over…when really, we all know that a long, cold fall and winter (!) lie ahead for us Montrealers. It’ll be quite a while before we shed our extra layers and enjoy the heat.

But enough whining. There are fashion selections to be made!

My Just One… pick from the New York collections is:

Herrera NYFW

This great jacket from Carolina Herrera.

The curved, mobius-esque edging of the jacket is what seals the deal for me. I love that type of detail. I could picture this paired with my skinny black trousers, or a nice dark denim. A blue camisole underneath and… ta-da! Springtime in Montreal.


What was your favourite piece – or collection – of the New York shows? Did the Ralph Lauren holograms in Central Park get you excited? Did the weeks seem a bit lower in panic/frenetic energy to anyone else? Hmmm…perhaps a turn away from the ‘circus’ of year’s past, and a renewed focus on the clothes?

Photo: Style.com

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Inspiration: Top 3 Instagram Picks – Paris Edition

Inspiration: Top 3 Instagram Picks – Paris Edition

I am, admittedly, very late to the Instagram game. I blame this on technology (I held out with my Blackberry until the bitter end…I’m a bit of a Luddite) – because I’m certainly all about sharing and browsing cool/fun/clever/artsy imagery.


I’ve got a handful of followers (ahem…you can find me at @DevonMSmiley…) and over the last year or so have found that there are a few Instagram accounts in particular that always make me smile.


Today, I’m sharing with you my Top 3…Paris Edition.


1) David Lebovitz   @davidlebovitz

Antiquing, preserves, pastries, pastries, pastries….bread?

If those strike your fancy, you’ll love David Lebovitz’s Instagram feed. American chef, now based in Paris, David is always giving his followers a peek into what life is like in culinary Paris.

DL Instagram 2
DL Instagram


2) Paris Heather     @parisheather

Heather is an author and tour guide, and she’s got a great eye for the details of everyday life. When everyone else is busy looking at their shoes or 3 feet ahead of them, Heather is looking up – capturing some breathtaking views. I’m most often letting out a ‘gros soupir’ when her Instagrams appear in my feed.

PH Instagram 2

PH Instagram

3) La Flaneuse   @laflaneuseparis

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that La Flaneuse has the Parisian life that I want to have. Cafés, hidden alleyways, sweet treats. I. Want. It. All. To “flâner” in French is to wander…follow La Flaneuse to share in all of the sights she discovers.

LF Instagram 2

LF Instagram


Do you have any Paris Instagram favourites I should check out?


(All images from the respective Instagram accounts)

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My Informed Style: Kitsuné Espresso Bar

My Informed Style: Kitsuné Espresso Bar

A few weekends ago, I needed a fix.
No ordinary cup of filter brewed coffee would do.
I needed the real stuff.
The strong stuff.

A nice bold allongé espresso.

And – voila – I stumbled upon Kitsuné Espresso Bar.

It’s a bijoux place, tucked in on Prince Arthur Street in the Montreal Plateau. Kitsuné has a nice industrial feel to it’s decor, a handy indoor bike rack and a surprising amount of seating (even a terrasse in back!).

Kitsuné Montreal

Whoa there! Did you think that I was going to skip the coffee bit?


It’s delicious. And served in cute (and heavy!) blue espresso cups. Tempting pastries caught my eye – and next time I may not have as much will power… Continue reading

Inspiration: Textile Arts

Inspiration: Textile Arts

I’ve been keen on textile arts since I was a little kid. I loved crocheting, attempting to knit, embroidering…even bobbin lace (I fancied myself a modern day version of Vermeer’s ‘The Lace Maker’).


So my mind was blown by the textile work featured on the Design Observer – and wanted to share with you –

Check out some of the pieces that left me awe-inspired below, and head to Hunter|Gatherer: Text as Textile for more

[caption id="attachment_3510" align="aligncenter" width="551"]Artist: Andrea Dezso Artist: Andrea Dezso[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3511" align="aligncenter" width="551"] Artist: Evelin Kasikov[/caption]

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