Inspiration: Les Parisiennes

Creating or discovering your own Informed Style can be a long process with many stumbling blocks along the way…sometimes we find ourselves following along with a trend or emulating a certain person’s look without quite realizing how we got there and why our closet is full of clothes that aren’t “us”.

Lately, my love of Paris has been inspiring the way I dress and how I view my Informed Style. But to say that there’s a single point of reference for my Parisienne inspirations would be wrong – it’s actually an amalgam of the looks of three women I find to represent different personalities and facets of what it means to be Parisienne.

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Elegant Madame: Inès de la Fressange

Model and author de la Fressange epitomizes the ageless elegance of a Parisienne. In her book, La Parisienne, de la Fressange outlines what gives a Parisienne her sense of style, allowing even those of us outside of the city to cultivate our look.

I like that de la Fressange’s style can work on both older and younger women, and that the wardrobe is at once basic and sophisticated. Thanks to de la Fressange, I’ve added navy blue cashmere and belted blazers to my Informed Style.



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Classic Mademoiselle: Charlotte Gainsbourg

No one wears a button-up shirt better than Charlotte Gainsbourg. With a look that is equally elegant and ‘sans souçi’, Gainsbourg’s look is my go-to for afternoons at the café or a glass of wine with friends. Spokesmodel for Balenciaga, Gainsbourg has done her job well – just a spritz of l’Essence makes me feel like I should be writing this article from the Rive Gauche. A classic tailored shirt, loose, natural hair and l’Essence have become staples for me, à la Gainsbourg.

Photo credit Pascal Le Segretain-Getty Images Europe

Mademoiselle un peu rock and roll:

Lou Doillon

Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to be elegant, classic or refined. Sometimes you just need to feel like a bit of a wild child. This is where finding inspiration in the style of Lou Doillon comes into play. A musician and artist, Doillon’s style is about contrasts, with structured pieces being as important as the loose, flowing ones.  On chilly days, throwing a black leather jacket over that white dress shirt, and adding a few long necklaces helps me channel this rock and roll Mademoiselle.

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