A Dramatic Black Hat

Last month, on the heels of Paris Fashion Week, and following some careful research I selected the wide brim black hat from the Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane SS13 as my “Just One” from the show. Add to that my love for the black hats at the Victoria Beckham show, and it became clear that I had to make this a reality…

Photo credits Vogue.fr

As lovely as they are, the Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham versions are 1) not available 2) out of my budget.

On the hunt for something similar that was of good enough quality to last, but affordable enough that no one would feel bad wearing it only a handful of times a year, I found it at H&M. The right side of $20, made with actual wool, and it has enough structure that it doesn’t just flop over my face, leaving my inspiration looking more like ’70s Stevie Nicks’ than the ‘Parisian Chic’ and ‘New York Cool’ I’m going for.

Et voila!

I love it so far, and have gotten a lot of double takes from people on the street…seeing as I’m the only person walking around town actually wearing a hat like this. But I’ve learned  a few things:

  1. pairing it with sunglasses makes you look like you’re trying to go incognito. Avoid.
  2. wind is the enemy
  3. cat-like reflexes are your friend
  4. if the reflexes fail, you’ll at least get some cardio while running after the hat
  5. it’s really hard to take your Informed Style – or yourself – too seriously while chasing a black hat down the street

Think you’ll be embracing the look?

5 thoughts on “A Dramatic Black Hat

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