Links à la Mode December 27th 2012

I must admit, no matter how many times it has happened/will happen, I get such a kick out of having a post selected by the Independent Fashion Bloggers for the weekly Links à la Mode feature. That a piece of my work is resonating with readers and having the opportunity to share in the honour with other bloggers helps make all of the hours spent brainstorming, writing and editing worthwhile. Thanks so much to the IFB for the selection!

This week, my ‘Taking Time to Smell the Beans’ post was selected. I think that as 2012 comes to a close and 2013 is on our doorstep, the overall message of the post – taking time to pause, reflect and enjoy life – is important (whether or not you’re a coffee drinker).

The Making It Work connection for me is that this time-out for reflection is useful not only in your personal life but during the workday as well. A day at the office or the studio can be hectic, with lots of information flying around and tough decisions that need to be made. But rather than spending all day on the hamster wheel or staring at the computer screen, a mini-break to pause, reflect and refresh our energy would be wise. Maybe you can:

grab a coffee or tea?
catch up with a co-worker?
read a poem or inspirational quote?
take a stroll through the building?
pick a mantra and have a mini-meditation?

How do you disconnect and recharge during the day?


One Last Helping of Holiday Cheer

Edited by: Jess of Fresh Jess

Have you recovered from your holiday feasting and shopping yet? For some of us, it was right back to work while others are savoring cherished time with loved ones (and maybe another helping of Christmas dinner.) Whatever your situation, I hope you find some time to relax and unwind from what seems like another chaotic holiday season. Perhaps some tea, your favorite blanket and a healthy dose of holiday outfits in this week’s Links a la Mode will help? It’s the last one of the year, so enjoy & happy new year!


A Love Affair with Fashion: Coast to Coast Holiday Looks
Camo Meets Couture: Wardrobe Diaries: Merry and Bright
Fashion Edible: DIY Modern Christmas Tree
Fashion Trends & More: How to Organize Your Wardrobe
hiPop: Fiction
Informed Style: Inspiration: Taking Time to Smell the Beans
Kinks are the New Pink: Jet Set Style: European Holiday
Laura Lily: Merry Christmas!
Le Garçon in Stripes: Ode to Plaid
Ma Dernière Addiction: The Quintessential Cape
River City Chic: Golden Girl
Sara Constance: Home for Christmas
Sew Overdressed: Secret Garden
Style 4 Love: Lace & Leopard
Style of Sam: From Grandma with Love: Santa’s Helper
Style of Your Own: Painted Face: Danny Robert’s Candy
The Cardigan Confessions: A Farewell to Gossip Girl Fashion
Under a Veil: Trend: Sweater + Pant
Vogue Villain: Off to the Races
Youth Savage: The Celebrity of the Fashion Blogger


One thought on “Links à la Mode December 27th 2012

  1. You’re not alone I always get excited or disappointed whether I make links a la mode or not. It’s always nice to be selected. Well done!

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