Balenciaga l’Essence Perfume

Change can be difficult. Sometimes you know that your time time together is coming to an end, but just can’t bring yourself to move on. Perhaps it’s a sense of loyalty, or of tradition. Regardless, there comes a day when you just have to embrace change and bring something new into your life.

Such is my relationship with perfume.

I’ve only worn a few and I like to think that each one has reflected where I am in life.

CK One in highschool, Clinique’s Happy in university, Bath & Body Works’ Sensual Amber as I started my career, and most recently Burberry Brit.

And now I’ve brought Balenciaga l’Essence into my life.

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Photo credit

It was a tough decision, but I’ve learned to be more flexible, more open to new experiences over the past year and that extends through all aspects of life. I still think that a signature scent is important, but now realize that it can change – we change – our personalities change – so why not our ‘signature’ elements?

As I’ve mentioned previously, Charlotte Gainsbourg is a source of Parisienne style inspiration for me, so it’s not a coincidence that she’s featured in the l’Essence ad campaign. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good advertisement!

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Photo credit

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