Inspiration: Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday! Yay!

This year, I decided to look into who I share my birthday with – my fellow late Capricorns – and see what inspiration I can draw from their lives during the coming year.

The only celebrity I can ever remember is Kevin Costner…so research was in order.


Cary Grant (1904-1986)


Photo credit unknown

Photo credit unknown

Silver screen star Cary Grant is known for not only his acting work, but for his classy and sophisticated sense of style. Whether it was a well tailored suit or a relaxed sweater and slacks look, Grant was always elegant and put together. This year, I’ll up the elegance factor and aim for timeless, classic looks.


Philippe Starck (1949- )


Photo credit

Photo credit

French designer Philippe Starck is known for being innovative and forward thinking. He has a signature style that’s lead to success designing everything from kitchen utensils, to furniture, to hotels – and even luxury yachts. This year, I’ll be looking to Starck for inspiration with style both at home and in my wardrobe. Keeping things sleek and minimalist will be a tall order – especially as I’m trying to make sure things aren’t too pared down. Finding a way to add designs elements and accessories to create a layered look is still important to me.


Isabella Jagiełło (1519-1559)

Queen of Hungary

Photo credit Wikipedia

Photo credit Wikipedia

Isabella was a powerful woman in a man’s world. She spoke 4 languages, was well educated, and ruled Hungary on behalf of her infant son. This year, I’ll be keeping Isabella in mind as I work to up my professional game and explore my entrepreneurial side. I may not rule a nation, but perhaps I’ll make strides in creating my own kingdom.

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