Tango Shoes

I’m a creature of habit. At least 3 or 4 days a week I wear the same pair of basic black shoes at work. it’s easier that way – one less thing to carry to and from, no worry about whether or not they’ll go with my outfit, and best of all, no need to worry about getting a heel caught in the asphalt while hiking through the parking lot.

The downside is that with so much wear, they tend to need to be replaced more often than my special occasion heels.

The hunt for a suitable pair – not too high, not too low, comfy for sprints to the printer or walks to the cafeteria…I’ve got a pretty heavy set of criteria.

This fall, my job was made easy and the hunt cut short when I found these tango shoes.


They’re Naturalizer – so are actually quite comfy once you get through a bit of break in, and I was surprised at the design – the shape of them and the subtle mix of suede and leather wasn’t what I’d considered the ‘Naturalizer Look’. Even better, they were on sale. Meant. To. Be.


Now that they’re my go-to work shoe, I’ve spent more time daydreaming about the tango halls of Buenos Aires then I thought possible. Watching Strictly or Dancing with the Stars has me paying just as much attention to the shoes as to the other sparkly and spangly bits.

And moving beyond the appeal of the classic ballerina flat, I just can’t help but love the candy coloured dance shoes from Repetto.

Blue Repetto Gitane heels Photo credit Galeries Lafayette

Repetto Gitane heels
Photo credit Galeries Lafayette

It’s highly doubtful that a pair of blue Gitane heels will end up tucked in my desk drawer…but at least I can wear them in my Argentinian dreams…

3 thoughts on “Tango Shoes

  1. I really like the mix of leather and suede, and I can imagine that the bow of the laces would look really good too. My mum recently got the perfect work heels from Clarks, her favourite shop. (She can spend literally hours in a shop that is something like 10 x 10 metres xD)

    • Hi Cassaela –
      I think places like Naturalizer and Clarks are under-rated when it comes to style…it may take a bit more digging to find ones that fit your look – but the comfort and quality are usually worth it!


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