Links à la Mode January 24th 2013

I’m quite excited that my post on my Frank Gehry for Tiffany rings was selected by the Independent Fashion Bloggers for the Links à la Mode feature this week. I had a lot of fun writing the post and taking the pictures – turns out it’s harder than one would think to get a decent shot of highly reflective rings…especially while you’re wearing them. 

In the process of taking the photos I found myself frustrated, but ultimately decided to take chances and start experimenting with lighting, camera settings and the staging/posing. After all, the bad pictures can be deleted and the decent ones improved thanks to editing tools. The lesson learned in this is that it’s ok to take chances and try out new things. Sure, in life the ‘worst case’ may have larger consequences than a crummy photograph – but the only way to get to the ‘best case’ is to try new approaches out until we find something that works for us.

I’m going to keep that in mind both online and offline this week, and see if I can tackle my to-do list with creativity and risk taking as my strategies. How about you?



Practicing What We Preach

Edited by Taylor Davies

One of the most rewarding parts of working at IFB is seeing the fruits of our labor manifest itself in the brilliant and creative members of our community. As I browsed through this week’s submissions, I saw so many posts that applied many of the tips and suggestions we’ve offered in our past posts. While of course I can’t say for sure that we were the direct inspiration for all of this really great content, a blogger can dream right? No matter why it’s happening – it’s just wonderful to see! On that note, many of the selections this week delve into thoughtful discussions on style – from Galliano’s return and tired trends of 2012 to better blogging tips and a tongue-in-cheek look at successful fashion bloggers.

 Attire Club: The Professional Way To Choose Colors For Your Clothes
Chocolate Laced: 6 Ways To Use Pinterest for Style Inspiration
Dress Code: High Fashion: The (Illustrated) History of Chloe Part 1/2: 1952-2001
Fashion Moriarty: Galliano’s New Gig
Fawkeshunter: Think Fast Fashion
Girl Scout: White Here White Now
I’m an Airhead: Practical Prom Part I: Practical.
IFB: Your February 2013 IFB Conference Roster Revealed!
Informed Style: Gehry Tiffany Rings
Mis Papelicos: Building A Better Blog
More Mascara Please: Mixing Patterns (Under $100 Challenge)
Oh Seven Days: Hometown Talent – Malorie Urbanovitch
Pardon My Fashion: Dark Triad
Pinque Blog: So You Wanna Be A Fashion Blogger
Runaway in LA: Quiz – Which Gossip Girl is Your Style?
Style Curated: High Heel Shoes part I: Anatomy of the Heel
The Girl With The Bun: 3 Hats To Top off an Outfit
The Style Note: 12 Trends That Should Stay in 2012
Two Take On Style: The Lowdown on Shapewear
Undercover Dress-Up Lover: Bees

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