Inspiration: Montreal Fashion Week

The fashion world turns its eyes on New York this week, but up here in la belle province, it’s the kick-off of Montreal Fashion Week. Running from the 4th-7th, MoFW is held at Arsenal, in a revitalized neighourhood adjacent to the historical Old Port.

Montreal Fashion Week Logo

Featuring shows, parties and entertainment, MoFW is a great opportunity for designers to showcase their collections in front of a home crowd and visiting media. This exposure is important because there tends to be little name recognition for Canadian or Montreal labels, even amongst us locals.

Montreal Fashion Week

Most people, even Montrealers, or Canadians would be hardpressed to name local design talent – but the list is extensive:

Melissa Nepton, Cokluch, Harricana, Nadya Toto, Rush Couture…I find that each of the Montreal designers showing in MoFW is bringing a unique perspective to the fashion world – whether they’re focused on career women, the avant-garde or swanky events.




Rush Couture

Melissa Nepton

Melissa Nepton

I encourage you to check out the Montreal Fashion Week website and coverage – and discover what the city’s fashion community has to offer.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Montreal Fashion Week

  1. It’s funny you should mention this, you’d think that being in the UK I’d never hear about Montreal fashion week. But… surprisingly I actually seem to get an invite every year, not sure why as it’s half way across the globe, but I really appreciate it never the less.

    • Lucky duck! I wanted to apply for press status, but they’ve set requirements for bloggers that are a wee bit too high for my current traffic levels. (But I’m getting closer – bit by bit!).
      Maybe next year we can both be there – There’s nothing quite like Montreal in February…


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