Links à la Mode January 31st 2013

Truth be told, the afternoon of January 31st was a difficult one. I was working towards some very tight deadlines on multiple projects and felt as though the whole world needed a piece of me. But things can change very quickly, as I learned when I took my 10-minute ‘time out’, checked my Twitter feed, and spotted that my post on the similarities between a Laotian Jacket and an Isabel Marant piece had been selected for the Independent Fashion Bloggers‘ Links à la Mode feature. The afternoon was suddenly looking up!

Each time that I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected, I find that the article I’ve written, or the experience of the selection teaches me a valuable lesson, and this week is no different.

“Hang in there baby!”

Yes, the afternoon was grim. But I stuck it out. And I kept my eyes open for things that had the potential to brighten my day, instead of focusing only on the negative. Maybe you’re having a patch of writer’s block. Or your latest design just isn’t working the way you expected. Or perhaps you can’t even identify what’s wrong…but you’re feeling very ‘stuck’.

Hang in there baby! Keep at it. Persevere. Look for the silver lining or the light at the end of the tunnel (and no, it’s NOT always going to be the train!).



Pinky & The Brain

Edited by: Taylor Davies

So what do I mean, exactly, by Pinky & The Brain? Well, this week’s round up is a mix of fun and colorful posts that literally incorproate a lot of pink, as well as smart and insightful commentary on the industry and some recent designer collections. This collection of posts sums up much of what the essence of what our IFB community is all about – mixing beauty and stylish content with an intellingent and businesss-minded approach.

Bon Vivant and a Budget: Trendspotting – Baseball Cap Beauties
Chic City Life: IFB Conference Has Arrived
Dress Code High Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier’s Homage to 80s Pop Icons
Emphatically Elle: Mix & Match Style Essentials for Under $50
Fashioned By Love: Emporers New Clothes or Am I Going Mad?
IFB: Get To Know This Season’s Smart, Sassy & Stylish IFBcon Speakers
Informed Style: Inspiration – Traditional Lu Jacket
Inspirations & Celebrations: Celebrate the Year of the Snake
Lollie Shopping: Five Favorite Fashion Moments on Film
Peace Love Sequis: Outfit Recreations
Pearls & Twirls: Tuesday Twirls – Tights
Pittsburgh in Polka Dots: Plaid + Tweed Under The Kissing Bridge
Pudding Monster: Spring Blossom
Quiet Beginning: The Density of Light
Style Sizzle: How to Keep Your Jeans from Bleeding
TBW Idea: Exclusive Interview With Fashion Photographer Alberto Maria Colombo
The Curatorial: – The Polemics of the New Purveyors of Art
The Fluff Report: Red & Pink: Bobbi, Bloggers & Beauties
The In Club: What the Hell is Wrong with Ads Today?
Youth Savage: How Much Do Ideas Cost?

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