Links à la Mode February 28th 2013

I’m thrilled to have been selected for this week’s Links à la Mode feature at IFB…and am quite surprised that it’s for a personal style post…What to Wear to Paris Fashion Week

You see, I’m actually quite shy when it comes to sharing photos of myself. I’m always ducking away from the camera at events, and dread getting tagged in any photos on Facebook. In launching Informed Style, I knew that I’d have to get over that – so have given myself a giant push (well, it’s more of a kick in the butt) to get over myself, figure out how to embrace my un-photogenic self, and put something out there for the world to see.

And being selected for the LALM, for a post that – gulp – has pictures of me in it…well that gives me a boost of confidence that lets me know that even if I’m not model thin, and even if I’m working with a point and shoot, and even if my heart is in my throat every time I press ‘publish’ on a post like this…that it’s OK.

I encourage you to check out the rest of this week’s selectionees – and if you’re like me, and are nervous to embrace personal style posts…go for it!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup For February 28th


A Stylish Salad

Edited by: Jess of Fresh Jess

This is my last turn as editor for Links a la Mode, and what a treat it’s been! I’ve read hundreds of blog posts and discovered some wonderful reads I would never have found otherwise. The IFB community is a true gem on the interwebz. There’s a salad in this week’s picks that reflect the entire IFB palate: thoughtful perspectives to incite dialogue, a peek into some of fashion’s biggest events, helpful tips to better your blogging or style, and outfit posts that truly reflect personal style. Some posts are fun and cheeky, not taking fashion seriously. Others are passionate and conversational. All of them reflect IFB as a community. IFB is an invaluable resource for networking and furthering our skills as bloggers, and I’m glad to be here. I’m glad you are too.

5 thoughts on “Links à la Mode February 28th 2013

  1. Congrats on be chosen! It’s such a lovely boost to be on that list! And a great way to discover new blogs too. I only really started doing personal style posts last fall and it is nerve wracking, but I’m enjoying them more and more and hopefully readers are too! :)

  2. I’m so glad you contacted me on IFB! Your blog is great and you’re an excellent writer. Another plus, I think my husband will be very interested in reading about your work as a consultant. He is very seriously considering a transition to Supply Chain management.

    Like you, I’m pretty shy. It’s paired with this weird Leo-like desire for attention. It’s a pretty odd combo. Blogging is perfect because I can hide behind a computer, haha.

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