Just One…: Paris Fashion Week – Fall 2013

Paris. Paris. Paris. The City of Lights. The city of my dreams. As the series of Fashion Weeks draws to a close, even the most ardent fashionistas find themselves fatigued. I’ve (vicariously) fallen for modern pieces in New York, stirred my eccentric side in London and stimulated my inner sexpot in Milan. And now, Paris is where I come to dress the Self of my dreams.

I daydream of being the Madame who wears the blue plaid and sequinned overcoat from Louis Vuitton while strolling down boulevard St-Germain. Or perhaps I’d like to be a Mademoiselle, dashing through the Marais on the way to meet friends, decked out in violet Lanvin. Mais pour l’instant, c’est seulement dans mes rêves. Of course, if I could pick Just One piece to turn into a reality, it would be:


hermes 2

When I dream of life as a corporate professionelle in Paris, I’m wearing this belted black suit from Hermès. Striding into the boardroom to close a deal, my suit says that I mean business…but the deep cut neckline lends an air of femme fatale. Stepping out of my dreams and into reality, a simple shell or camisole underneath the top transforms it into a dress code appropriate look – without sacrificing the elegance.


How do you dress the Self of your dreams? Was there a piece in the Paris collections that you’ve been dreaming of?


Photo from Style.com

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