Emmanuel Laflamme’s Art Mashups

One of the things I love about attending conferences and events is the wide variety of people you’ll meet. In a single day, I can meet a videogame programmer, documentary film producer and contemporary artist – and learn something interesting from each of them.

I met Emmanuel Laflamme at an entrepreneurship conference here in Montreal and we got to chatting about art – his point of view as a creator, and mine as an observer. And it’s when we exchanged business cards that things really got interesting:

Laflamme 1

Laflamme 2

The image on Emmanuel’s card is a piece he created – a mash-up between Lichtenstein and Manet.

Musical mash-ups are commonplace these days (thanks Glee!) but I really enjoyed his take on combining otherwise unrelated pieces of art into new images. Sometimes I’m able to pick out the source works quickly, and other times I’m in the dark – which is a great way to experience the art without the prejudices and assumptions surrounding a particular artist’s work.

Our Lady 2011

Check out Emmanuel’s work at quartertofour.net or facebook.com/quartertofour

3 thoughts on “Emmanuel Laflamme’s Art Mashups

  1. The last image reminds me a lot of the Virgin de Gaudalupe images produced by some well-known contemporary Chicana artists. These artists have also appropriated the images of the virgin and combined them with images of wonder women and working women. Might be something you would be interested in.


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