TALK! A modern comic from Stephen Burger

I’m not one for comic books. Or illustrated novels. I suppose that once I moved on from the Archie comics of my youth, I never really saw the appeal.

But TALK! Is different.

For starters, it’s the creation of a former school-mate, Stephen Burger. When you think back to people you knew in (relative) childhood, you realize that they had talents and passions far beyond whatever shone through during classes. I’d seen some of Stephen’s gothic-tinged work before, so was intrigued to hear that he was also creating a comic book.

Talk Cover + Art

TALK! Is all about conversations between two people. It’s a great example of how a simple concept can be elevated to entertainment. Since a few of the models for the characters are people I know (including my brother!) I can attest to Stephen’s skill at capturing personality and facial expressions via pen and ink…it’s a little creepy, actually.

A crowd-funded project via IndieGoGo, I was happy to support the efforts of an independent author and artist, and receiving my copy in the mail (along with an original pen and ink sketch!) resulted in me quite happily camping out on the sofa to read the comic cover to cover.

Talk DPS

If you’re interested in getting a copy, you can check out Stephen’s Facebook page

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