Une Soirée by Jean Béraud + Men’s Fashion

“Un habit, c’est laid; deux habits, c’est plus laid. Mais rien ne dépasse en laideur une réunion de plusieurs milliers d’habits noirs”

“One suit is ugly. Two suits is even uglier. But nothing surpasses in ugliness a meeting filled with many thousands of black suits.”

–       an anonymous critic of “Une Soirée” by Jean Béraud

Une soiree

While I must respectfully disagree with the critic of Béraud’s work when it comes to the appeal of suits, you’ve got to admit that they can be kind of boring…or are they?

One of the most stylish gents I know tackled this question with the article “Is Men’s Fashion Boring?” – check it out, along with the rest of Arash’s articles – (they’re filled with tips and inspiration from the image consultant) – www.arashmazinani.com

One thought on “Une Soirée by Jean Béraud + Men’s Fashion

  1. Massive thank you for sharing my post. I sometimes feel that it can be a bit dull especially when I’m walking through the womenswear section in stores and they’re getting new stock rotated in every week and then you go to the guys section and it’s the same old stuff. I’m all for experimenting and forcing yourself to be more creative with what you have but having something a little bit different to invest in would also be nice.

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