Dream Month July 2013

Jeepers! How is it July already? It hardly seems possible that we’re already half way through 2013. This summer, I’m not taking a big vacation (a few mini-breaks will keep me going until this fall’s Parisian Adventure) but am getting a lot of travelling in via my Dream Month agenda. In July, my Dream Month takes me to Seattle, London, Boston and Bologna – and sees me enjoying a smattering of art, fashion, culture – and checking out a few incredible bloggers.

Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion
Seattle Art Museum
Through to September 8th

SAM Fashion

I’m stubborn when it comes to my tastes in art and fashion – because I keep thinking that if I expose myself to certain types of work, I’ll eventually fall in love with it. In art, it’s the work of Dali and Miro that always leaves me scratching my head – yet I visit their pieces time and time again. Just in case I change my mind. In fashion, it’s the Japanese school that has been slow to grow on me. I’ve seen some beautiful Yohji Yamamoto dresses, and was impressed by Rei Kawakubo’s work for Comme des Garçons last fall in Paris, but there’s something about the eccentric nature of the designs that I’m not ‘getting’ yet. So, in my Dream July I’d like to head to Seattle to see the Seattle Art Museum’s exhibit honouring the last 3 decades of Japan’s fashion community. Who knows…maybe I’ll fall in love?


While in Seattle checking out the fashion exhibit, it’d be great to grab a tasty (and healthy) juice with Jess of Fresh Jess. I was introduced to Jess’s work through the Independent Fashion Bloggers ‘Links à la Mode’ feature and via her site and tweets I get to hear about the movers and shakers of Seattle, how to get motivated to change up an eating routine and can stay up to speed with the music scene. Check her out at FreshJess.


Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars
The Victoria & Albert Museum
Through July 14th


I’ve long had an interest in royal families of centuries past. I devoured a book about the Romanovs in high-school, and though I always get their names and various fates confused, the many wives of Henry VIII intrigue me. No one puts on an exhibit quite like the V&A in London, and I’d love nothing more than to spend an afternoon pouring over the treasures they’ll collected from some of my favourite royals.


While in town, it’d be great to catch up with the gal behind Fashion Moriarty. I knew that Alys and I would get along just fine when I sensed her excitement over a patterned coffee cup at the V&A. She’s got a great mix of cultural references, literary shout outs and fashion critique, and spending time with her writing leaves me feeling very grateful that someone is able to blend those elements so perfectly via their blog. Grab a cup of coffee (preferably in an adorable cup) and spend some time at Fashion Moriarty.


Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular
July 4th

Boston Pops

If ever there were a time I wish I could clone myself and be in two places at once, it would be this July 4th. I think it’d be wonderful to spend the evening at the legendary Boston Pops, enjoying the music and the fireworks. Sure, the 4th of July may conjure up BBQs or clam bakes for some, but I think that an evening under the stars, classic tunes and fireworks does the trick. Of course, I’ll be home in Montreal on this special night, bopping (and singing…) along at the One Direction concert. Hey – a girl has got to have some guilty pleasures, ok?


That said, another reason for a Dream Month visit to Boston would be to spend time with Amanda of Prim & Propah. She is my sewing + DIY idol. Have you ever watched Project Runway and wished that you could make your own corset? Drape a gorgeous dress? Get all creative and make your own patterned fabric? Amanda does all of that…and she let’s us in on her inspiration and progress on her site. Visit at Prim & Propah – but when the urge to break out the sewing machine hits, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Bologna Summer Festival


I used to hear a lot about the Bologna Book Fair growing up – it was THE place for authors and publishers to see and be seen, make connections and (hopefully) snag international deals for upcoming books. But as it turns out, the literary scene is only a small part of the cultural offerings of the city. In my Dream Month July, I’d love to head to Bologna to explore the Summer Festival. They have theatre, art, music, dance – you name it. With features ranging from contemporary work to celebrations of Puccini, I think that I’d be quite happy to spend a week soaking up the atmosphere.


Of course, my time in Bologna wouldn’t be complete without getting to meet the woman who introduced me to the fashionable and reflective side of the city at her site Incognito – Shug. Doubly a Dream, since Shug is actually taking off for an amazing internship in Germany, I’d love to get to see her Bologna. Stop by Incognito to discover new photographers, new music, and most importantly, new ways of thinking about how you connect with it all – and what fashion and the fashion world mean in your life.


Do you have any big plans for July? Where would you head in your Dream Month? Are you visiting Seattle, London, Boston or Bologna and want to tell me all about how wonderful they were and how much I missed out on? 



All photos from the respective organizations

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