The Bokja Project & Bokja Home Decor

When you decide to visit l’Institut du monde arabe in Paris, you expect to see artifacts and cultural objects. Maybe even some art. But what you don’t expect is to find amazing textile art.


With the Bokja Project, Beirut designers Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri used the traditional craftsmanship of bokja – the detailed textiles that are traditionally used to wrap the dowry of brides – to tell the story of the Arab Spring.

Being able to get  up close to the pieces was a treat, and knowing that each item was handcrafted adds to the emotion of the story being told. Unfortunately, the exhibit has since closed, but the good news is that Bokja’s work continues with the designers home decor.


Outside of gallery walls, Bokja creates home furnishings that mix tradition with modernity seamlessly. The pieces exude the authenticity that retailers like Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel attempt to replicate – but can never match.

Check out Bokja at their site –


All images from Bokja

2 thoughts on “The Bokja Project & Bokja Home Decor

    • It’s one of the to-buy items. Most of the exhibit work was hanging pieces or smaller-scale appliqué work. Wish I’d been able to take photos – but I’m too much of a museum rule goody-two-shoes :)

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