Daydreaming With Cezanne’s Portraits

One of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon is wandering around a museum, pausing in front of my favourite pieces and allowing myself to daydream a bit.

This daydreaming comes much easier to be when the work is portraiture – rather than landscape.

Post-Impressionist French artist Paul Cezanne is one of the ‘greats’ and over the years I’ve been almost programmed to think of him as only a landscape artist. So I’m always impressed (and surprised) when I find myself in front of one of his portraits.

The colours in the ‘Young Italian Girl’ below are so vibrant – and I can almost hear her sighing as she takes a well-deserved break from her work.


In contrast, Cezanne’s ‘Man With Crossed Arms’ is dark and broody. When I look at him I start wondering who he’s giving the side-eye to…and how he’s going to handle what must be a wee bit of animosity.


And the work that surprises me most of all is ‘Achille Emperaire’. For me, it evokes the work of Otto Dix – the strong features, the rather odd proportions and the Poe-esque hair all draw me in.



Are you a portrait or a landscape fan? Is there one of Cezanne’s pieces above that speak to you? What do you imagine their story is?



Art from WikiMedia Commons

One thought on “Daydreaming With Cezanne’s Portraits

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